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PS3: Top 10 PS3 F*ckups

Someone posted a pretty accurate list of the Top 10 things that Sony managed to fuck up for the PS3's launch. I probably would have plagiarized this if I'd been stoned, so thank fuck I gave that up years ago. Instead I'll just do a quick cut & paste job to keep you guys coming back, followed by a teeny-weeny Source link at the bottom of the next page. Anyway, its definitely worth a read for all those who are wondering why people are saying the PS3 sucks.

Click below for the Top 10 PS3 fuckups.

10 - The "Spiderman" font. Why choose a font that already stands for something? It only serves to distract the gamer and make him/her think about Spiderman when they should be thinking about the PS3. On another note, I'm very excited about this week's debut of Spider-Man 3. See, I'm already thinking of something that's not the PS3 by just mentioning the font. My spidey senses are a bad way.

9 - Lack of force feedback (vibration) in the controller. Much was made about Sony's decision to emulate the Wii's tilt motion controls. Whether or not you think Sony ripped it off is beside the point. The fact that they couldn't figure out how to get vibration and motion control into the controller, and then, as cover, came out and said vibration is overrated and not necessary, really rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.

8 - Lack of HD cables. Yet another poor decision by Sony who ostensibly claimed that the true HD buff would want to purchase their own cables when it seems Sony was just too cheap to throw in the very cables that would make the PS3's highly touted HD visuals come to life. This is an example of how being cheap actually ended up costing Sony money.

7 - Underestimating the Wii. Sony should have been more prepared for a battle for the hearts and minds of gamers, which Nintendo has definitely won. The $250 Wii should have been on Sony's radar as a potential threat, but their hubris allowed them to ignore it and put it down. Sony, therefore, effectively put down the gamers who would buy a Wii, thus making many of us not want to buy a PS3, just out of principle.

6 - The constant putting down of the customer. Number 7 leads into this one. Sony, throughout much of last year, continually put down their customers, saying, and I'm paraphrasing here, that they should shut up about the price and stop complaining. The PS3 is a good value, they constantly reiterated. Then, there are a variety of classic quotes including one referring to US gamers as "cheap". (Click to watch hilarious Youtube PS3 Song)

5 - Coming out with two versions. A good deal of talk prior to the launch dealt with what console had what. Card reader? 20GB or 60GB HDD? Why confuse the buyer? Why distract the buyer? And, to the average person, $500 and $600 are the same thing: both prices are prohibitively expensive. There's a reason why the 20GB version was discontinued.

4 - No plan for online play at launch. Playstation "Home" was announced last month, three months after launch. You know, you can tout your online gaming capabilities all you want, but if you don't have a plan at launch, then one of your key features is really just a lie, isn't it?

3 - No "must have" games at launch. Console launch lineups are notoriously sparse and many bad games can be forgiven, but the Playstation 3's launch lineup was one of the worst to date. "Resistance Fall of Man" was the only semi-hit and most of the remainder of the games were ports of older games. Compare that to the 360's Perfect Dark Zero, Call of Duty 2, Kameo: Elements of Power, and Project Gotham Racing 3 and the Wii's Zelda: Twilight Princess and Wii Sports.

2 - Blu-Ray. Who cares about Blu-Ray? My guess is about 73 people. Okay, okay, I know it's slightly more than 82. My point is that videophiles care about Blu-Ray. That was who bought the launch PS3s, not gamers. This fact escaped Sony and was a fundamental error. Gamers needed to have been the focus, not the living room entertainment crowd. To tell you the truth, I don't care if my game comes on Blu-Ray, HD-DVD, DVD, CD, or cardboard. A good game is a good game and to tie Sony's hopes for the adoption of Blu-Ray to the PS3 was, and is, a disservice to gamers.

1 - Price. $600 for a console? Even if it was gold-plated, dusted with saffron, and served caviar out of its disc tray the average gamer wouldn't pay $600 for a console. Again, gamers are a lot smarter than Sony gives them credit for. We all know that the price will drop between year one and year two, which is about the same time that some decent games will be out for it. In the meantime, gamers will continue to play their PS2s, Wiis, and 360s until there is a compelling game and a price break.

Told you it was good. No way in hell I was gonna top that, although I definitely wouldn't call some of these "missteps". Fuckups is an entirely more appropriate word for a company with Sony's reputation.


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Wii: What Happens When You Get Over The Whole Motion-sensor Thing?

Sure, the Wii remote impresses friends when you invite them round -for maybe 10 minutes. Sure, there are the friends who are continually enthralled by Wii Bowling and Wii Tennis, and sure enough, there are the friends who wonder what all the fuss is about. But what happens for all those "casual gamers" as Miyamoto himself once said, when we move beyond Wii Sports? What happens when we do all become used to High-Definition TV broadcasting and gaming -what then, for the Wii's crappy graphics and Standard-Definition output?

Full story after the jump

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Xbox 360 Exclusive: Splinter Cell Conviction "Not Achievable On PS3" In Current State

A gaming magazine in Finland has managed to score an interview with Ubisoft regarding the upcoming release of the latest Xbox 360-exclusive Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction game. According to the developers, the current state of the PS3 renders it incredibly difficult to enable them to produce a version for the PS3. More after the jump...

- No more sneaking around in the shadows. Apparently you're going to be more like James Bond and infiltrate buildings in plain daylight. You won't have to use force or sneak around as long as you don't act suspiciously.

- According to the article, every single object that is rendered on screen has physical properties and most of them can be used by Sam. For example, Sam can pick up furniture and use it as a weapon, or throw printers at enemies or papers in the face of enemies to gain the upperhand in fights.

-Melee fights are much more than "press this button to hit" this time around. There's different context sensitive attack buttons and as mentioned before lots of environmental interaction.

- Some pretty negative comments about the PS3 made by the devs. They state the fact that they are exclusive to the 360 allows them to do much more than if they were multiplatform, but they also state they doubt they would be able to achieve what they're doing with the game on the 360 on the ps3 even if it was ps3 exclusive.


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Wii: "Actually Not A Great Product" says Microsoft

In an interview with EWeek, president of Microsoft's Entertainment & Devices Division, Robbie Bach, laid into Nintendo, explaining just where he thinks the Wii fits in with the next-gen gaming crowd.

Asked if Nintendo was causing disruption for Microsoft, Bach said that while the product has "gotten more broad-base acclaim" than he would've expected, it has only one specific appeal - the controller - "And the rest of the product is actually not a great product—no disrespect, but … the video graphics on it aren’t very strong; the box itself is kind of underpowered; it doesn’t play DVDs; there are a lot of down-line components [that] aren’t actually that interesting."

Bach's rant continues...

"Nintendo has proven it can produce some decent software offerings which take true advantage of the controller, but the challenge, according to Bach, "is that third parties aren’t going to make much money on this platform because Nintendo is going to make all that money, and their ability to compete with something like a Halo or produce an experience like Madden on their system is going to be tough. They don’t have the graphics horsepower that even Xbox 1 had. So it makes sort of the comparison set a little bit difficult."

Asked whether he feels Nintendo is a fiercer competitor than Sony, Bach continued, "I think Nintendo and Microsoft are clearly in the driver’s seat on what’s happening in this generation. And they’re different driver’s seats. In a way, … our circle and Sony’s circle overlap I would say 90 percent. Nintendo’s circle and Microsoft’s overlap say 20, 25, 30 percent, something like that. We had people laughing and call it the Wii 360 because you already see a lot of dual-household ownership.

"But Sony I think has some real challenges," he said. "They’ve got a pricing problem, they have a cost problem, they have a content problem, and they don’t have an online service. But I’m just talking about the psychology of me doing an interview with you as a reporter coming in and not uttering the word Sony without me bringing it up."

I do love the way he couldn't help but bash Sony a little -yes, the Playstation Store is pretty bare at the moment but I think Bach is forgetting just how much clout Sony has in the film & TV industry, and what effect that might have on the future of content available to Xbox Live. Although Sony has been full of it in the run up to the PS3, I can't see them messing up the opportunity for content delivery that the Playstation Store offers to PS3 owners. Is this a case of the corporate willies? Paranoia for upper level MS management? Once you've sorted out the Xbox 360's notorious failure rate, then come back and bash the other consoles, eh?

Read the full interview here

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PC / PS3 / 360: Grand Theft Auto IV Info & Screenshots

Further info and screenshots released by Rockstar concerning the Q3 release of GTA: IV. Players take on the role of Niko Bellic, an Eastern European immigrant who comes to Liberty City to find his fortune while on the run from a dark past. Unfortunately it doesn't look like you can customize his physique, but you will be able to change his outfits (the gamers who secretly watched Queer Eye are now rejoicing inwardly -not outwardly. That could never be lived down. Ever.) Niko Bellic is in his mid-thirties so don't expect to see him doing wheelies or flying around in a Jetpack either.

Click below for more info & screenshots

• The game is being created collaboratively between Rockstar's New York, San Diego and North (Edinburgh) studios

• Lead character Niko Bellic will be able to explore Roosevelt Island and cross the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Willamsburg bridges. He'll also be able to ride trains

• Forget barren deserts - Rockstar is cramming Liberty City and aiming for a map totally free of pointless spaces

• One of Rockstar's big goals is to eradicate all loading screens once the game is being played, so there will be no action-breaking pauses when entering/exiting buildings etc

• Rockstar's Dan Houser (vice president of creative) says about GTA IV: "It's so much more dense and detailed, not only horizontally but also vertically. It's by far the most ambitious GTA game to date."

• The Mafia will put in an appearance around Liberty City, but they won't be assigned leading roles

• With regards to appearances from familiar GTA faces, Rockstar say that there will be "virtually none"

• Soundtrack is still not confirmed, although what was heard is described as 'modern and suits the mood perfectly'

• Concerned about the lack of planes? Don't be - helicopters will definitely feature

• There won't be any option for San Andreas style character customisation of main man Niko

• Niko can use his mobile phone to call contacts, as opposed to being limited to receiving incoming calls only

• There will be an element of 'romantic involvement' in the story

• There will definitely be online multiplayer

• Niko won't be able to access all buildings


Click on this to see answers to GTA:IV by the only journalist to have seen the game

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PS3: Grand Turismo HD - Real Life vs. Screenshots

Gameswank (teehee) has posted a side by side comparison of screenshots from the forthcoming Grand Turismo HD Ps3 game alongside some real shots of er, big, brutish cars. Click on the image for a closeup -unbelievable.

Why, if it weren't for the crappy unfinished backgrounds and tags on each photo I don't think I could have spotted the difference. Now if only this game could actually have some balls to it, it might be worth playing.

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WTF: Blockbuster Thief Settles For Xbox 360 After Demanding A PS3

Someone quick - tell would-be PS3 thieves that its actually the Xbox 360 they want. Unless they plan on playing all of two games for the next six months, that is.

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An armed robber who demanded a Playstation 3 at gunpoint agreed to settle for an XBox 360 when staff told him they didn't stock the computer game console. Imagine being the thief and getting home, the internal monologue would probably go something like this:

"Dammit. I forgot to ask for a TV."

"The hooded robber swiped more than £500 of goods - including the XBox, a handful of games and £60 from the till - when he raided the Blockbuster DVD and game rental shop in High Street, Thornton Heath.

Two female members of staff were on duty when the man walked into the shop at 7pm on April 14, pulled a black handgun from his waistband and demanded money from the till.

After they handed over the cash he then demanded a Playstation 3 console - worth £400. When he was told they didn't have one he asked for an XBox 360 instead. He then grabbed a handful of Xbox 360 games before walking out of the store.

Neither victim was injured but it has been claimed that police did not arrive for 20 minutes because they were sent to the wrong Blockbuster store.

Police have described the suspect as a 6ft black man, aged around 25 years, of medium build who wore black, baggy trousers, a black hooded top - with the hood over a baseball cap - and a jacket which had dark blue sleeves and a green body.

Anyone with information should contact the flying squad at Tower Bridge on 020 7232 6530 or Crimestoppers, free and anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: "I can confirm that, due to a mix-up with the address, there was a 20-minute delay in officers arriving at the premises."


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TECH: Microsoft in talks with Yahoo over US$50b takeover

Start worrying now.

Click Read More! to read more about Microsoft and a possible takeover of Yahoo worth US$50b

Microsoft has entered in talks with Yahoo regarding a possible takeover worth close to US$50 billion, the New York Times reported on Friday. Perhaps miffed by losing out to Google's acquisition of online-ad giant Doubleclick last week for a reported US$3.1 billion, the software juggernaut is reputedly looking to Yahoo in a bid to fight back against Google's left-right-and-centre purchases of numerous online sites and services. Myspace, Blogspot, and Youtube are just some of the many online sites Google have snapped up recently.

Having already launched an online competitor to Microsoft's Office suite, how long before Google launches an operating system of their own, a mobile phone, proprietary notebooks and PCs -is anyone's guess. I guess competition is good for MS, but we could all end up losers if this turns out to become a Google/MS duopoly with nary an independent developer/programmer in sight. With tens of billions in the bank, what's next? Buying out AMD (cos they've been treading on shaky ground ever since buying out ATI), Nvidia, or sleeping hardware giant IBM?

I'd hate to see the day where everything I own that has anything to do with electronics has a little Google or MS icon in the bottom corner.

Start praying right

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Xbox 360: New "Spring Update" Coming For Xbox 360

Monday sees the US release on Xbox Live of a spring update that promises to bring a whole host of tweaks and addons for the 360. I have to admit that, while preferring the style and layout of the Playstation Store to that of Xbox Live, XBL does kick the hoolahs out of Sony in terms of content. Not to mention cool things like being able to see what games your friends and then joining them instantly.

Perhaps the funniest update is the ability(?) to chat with your friends, get this -online with Live Messenger using a QWERTY style keyboard addon pack for the 360 controller.


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Friday, May 4, 2007

Xbox 360/ PS3: Alan Wake Screenshots

I know these are old but for most of you, these will be new.

Alan Wake is a psychological thriller-blah-blah. To cut out all the crap, this is gonna be one of those games that makes everyone sit up and notice -unless they somehow screw this one up in the last 6 months of development. Imagine a FPS game with a story gripping enough for a Palm D'Or at Cannes and you've got something close to how this game should pan out. Think deep, psychological horror movie crossed with something like Max Payne or Half Life. And to satiate the desire for beauty, here are some old-but-new screenshots of Alan Wake.

Okay, so it looks pretty -but where are the gameplay shots?

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WTF: "My PS3 Just Killed My Xbox 360"

This is quite a funny story -apparently John Davison is some writer for 1UP and he put this on his blog. Though why anyone would ever, ever keep something like a PS3, 360, PC or even a Wii in an enclosed space is beyond me. Sorta like stacking your microwave and toaster on top of your cooker and trying to make steak, mashed potatoes, a Hormel's Tasty Lasagna, and a peanut butter jam toastie all at once. (Where does 1UP find these fools?)

Click the link below to read how not to treat your consoles for the sake of making your living room Ikea-perfect.

"I keep my PS3 and my Xbox 360 in an entertainment unit in the living room. It's a big wooden thing with glass doors, and while it looks cool, I guess it's not exactly what I'd cool well ventilated.

Anyway, this morning at some ungodly hour, both my kids got up and wanted to play videogames. My older son wanted to play Cars while my little guy wanted to watch, and fiddle with another controller while pretending to play. The pretend option turned out to be the Sixaxis (this is relevant, I'll come back to it.)

Now, the 360 on it's own doesn't run so hot that it can't handle being in the entertainment unit with the door shut. I've had it on for hours and hours and hours before, and it never gets so hot that the fan goes into turbo bastard mode. The PS3, on the other hand, is another story. If I keep that sucker in a confined space for too long, I fear for the safety of my family. Hence, whenever we play PS3 games...the door to the unit stays open.

So (back to the narrative) while pretending to play along with his brother, my little guy hits the PS button, and the PS3 springs to life, inside the closed entertainment unit, unbeknown to Mrs. D and myself.

Needless to say, temperatures rise, fans kick in, then more fans kick in, then some new, untold level of nuclear reactor-grade cooling kicks in deep within the bowels of the PS3, and the first thing I know of this is when a little voice cries, "Dad, something's wrong with my game."

Conditions in the confined space had become so super-heated that the 360 red-ringed out, big time.

So. Bottom line, my PS3 killed my 360. I have learned a very valuable lesson from this."

Fool. Personally, I like leaving my consoles out in full view. Reminds me where I spent all my money and why I have no friends or a social life.

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WTF: Is Virtual Rape A Crime?

Wired is running a report that police in Brussels began an investigation into a citizen's allegations of rape last the online virtual community/game-that-makes-you-look-pretty-online Second Life.

I know what you're thinking; did Ken_661 physically force Barbetta_1981 onto the virtual floor of a virtual sidewalk, and if so, how far did he virtually get before the virtual cops got him? Thankfully, no virtually horrendous details are clear - but virtually everyone is saying there is no question that forced online sexual activity -- whether through text, animation, malicious scripts or other means -- is real; and is a traumatic experience that can have a serious impact on your real life. No shit. Now hit me up with some Immovan and let me sleep a while.

Click to read the in depth article (Wired)

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TECH: Xbox 360 "not as useful" as PS3 for Folding@Home

For those of you living under little moss-tufted rocks for the last six months, the MS's Xbox 360 has been battering the living shit out of Sony's PS3, both in terms of sales, range and quality of games, and all round general corporate niceness. But things may be about to change for Sony...

Weak launch titles, coupled with copious amounts of bad Sony PR and syndicated foot-in-mouth syndrome, plus a high retail price (US$499 for the basic 20Gb, and US$599 for the 60Gb), all left Sony looking in a bad way. Of course no console has ever really been able to pull off success in the first six months -even Nintendo's hallowed Wii console has a pretty piss poor line up once you get beyond Warioware, Wii Sports and Zelda.

The one saving grace for Sony, and perhaps what is starting to show a reversal in the trend of Sony-bashing, is the Folding @ Home Project run by Stanford University. With a goal 'to understand protein folding, misfolding, and related diseases' the project involves downloading a bit of software called the Folding @ Home client that, once installed and connected to the web, allows for every single PC to become part of an international hub of computers all frantically processing diseased DNA strands in search for cures to common diseases. (Am I close enough, Vijay?)

Basically, while you're at work, or browsing the web, or even sleeping as you leave your PC on -the software will be decoding algorithms for the big diseases like Alzheimers, Mad Cow (BSE), Parkinsons and Cancer, among a very big list.

Now Sony have managed to enable this potentially life-saving capability for their rather humbled PS3 console, and the team behind the Folding @ Home project have provided comments good enough for a PS3 slogan:

"PS3's are performing aspects of these simulations, and doing so about 20 times faster than a typical PC."

And at what better timing could this possibly have come for the big electronics giant -with sales at a trickle, and shelves filled with unsold PS3 boxes everywhere, Sony are finally having some positive PR for once. (Unless of course it comes out that all this was just a crafty PR stunt for Sony-affiliated power & energy companies to reap in the big bucks, what with the surge in electrical power worldwide as gamers leave their PS3s on 24/7...)

Now this is all good and honourable, but for those out there who care more about online-penis-comparisons, Vijay Pande, creator of the Folding @ Home project as spoken publicly about what role the Xbox 360 could play in all of this:

"Possibly, although the cell processor in the PS3 is much more powerful for our calculations than the CPU in the Xbox 360."

Strike one for the black team. Ouch, that smarts. For big companies like Sony and MS, that is the sound of a very large, very green (and white) e-penis shrivelling back into its helmet.


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WTF: Forza Motorsport 2 (Xbox 360) can "absolutely" improve your driving

Forza 2 game director Dan Greenawalt has told CVG that he believes Forza Motorsport 2 can make you a better driver in the real world.

When asked if he thought people could become better drivers if they were good at Forza 2, Greenawalt replied,

"Absolutely. I think the things you learn in Forza Motorsport apply in the real world."

Having never played Forza before but judging from the screenshots, a "driving" game that involves racing 200mph+ cars around tracks whilst bashing the shit outta each other, this is about as useful to a real life driver as an x-ray making love to syrup might be for me. Sure those thumbs might be getting a workout using your 360 controller nipples, but how the hell does that relate to holding a steering wheel with both hands and 400h.p. of V12 grunt behind you?

Does this look like the kind of game that would stop 18 yr olds from turning into complete lunatics on the road?

Does it fuck.
Greenawalt continues,

"If you're on the edge of traction on your front tyres turning and you brake, you've now exceeded your traction and you're going to under steer straight off into a barrier. We've had people play these other games and then they play Forza and go 'wow, how come when I brake it doesn't turn more?' well, that's because it doesn't in the real world. I think we're teaching people how to drive well in a safe place. And it's less expensive than driving on a real track day."

Meanwhile, in a wonderfully timed rebuttal, the British School of Motoring recently said there's an indisputable link between gaming and dangerous driving.


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TECH: G2P Beta -the next BT?

And here I was, thinking I was the biggest nerd I know, when out of leftfield comes my friend, lets call him Willee -BAM! With a site that holds so much promise for people like you or I (and to a lesser extent, the more civil minded among us -though for entirely different reasons. Shhh! Just let us keep it for a little while longer, please?)

What the hell is this G2P?
-G2P (Google to Person) uses some nefariously-thought up Google searches to help locate freely shared directories or otherwise shared files. These searches are apparently completely legal to do -and a helluva lot safer than say, using BT or a P2P like Limewire or Soulseek to download your "free" music/isos/porn. And now it looks as if good ol' Google was all we needed all along. Suck on that Limewire.

Apparently BT/P2P searches/downloads are easily monitored (the RIAA/MPAA are probably both waiting to strike while the iron is white-hot. In a few years, once everyone has downloaded 100gb+ of Hollywood DVDrips -imagine how rich the MPAA will be then after collecting all our fines? Lets hope the price of paper rises to that of, oh I don't know, gold -so the cost of printing all the court summons will be more than Hollywood executive courtsuckers are willing to pay out). End. Of. Rant.

Apparently the magic Google code (to search for something like New Young Pony Club) would look like this -for all of you who'd like to claim credit for coming up with the idea first -forget about it.

intitle:index.of +”last modified” +”parent directory” +(mp3|wma|ogg) +"new young pony club" -htm -html -php -asp


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TECH: Geforce 8800 Ultra reviewed

With what could be quite possibly the most powerful video card on the planet (at least until next week), Nvidia have released yet another DX10 product that is going to remain pretty much unused (and underabused) until we actually see some DX10 games.

The thing is, Micro$ft have been trying to encourage (brainwash?) the public into buying their new Windows operating system -and have been touting the whole next-gen DX10 gaming thing (promising better all round graphics and physics effects) as important as say, buying Reebok Pumps when you were ten. Now everyone knows Reebok Pumps were the shit back in P5, and if you didn't own a pair, well, you just didn't get to play in the centre circle of the playground; reserved for Pumpers & Pumpettes alike, pushed to the pedagogic outskirts and generally setting the stage for a downward spiral into feelings of perpetual inadequacy and drug use in later years.

Back to the matter at hand, and more info and pictures, benchmarks and other nice geeky things after the jump. Firing Squad has a nice but slightly overly long review of the 8800 Ultra -the latest and greatest -but a tad premature, DX10 video card which is also linked to. Enjoy fellow Pumpettes.

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MUSIC: Peter, Bjorn, and John - 'Writers Block' Album review

Thought I'd start posting some of my not-so-obsolete CD reviews from days of Taxi lore. (Hong Kong's greatest magazine to never make it? Count me in. Love that shit. Too bad the new one looks like an in-flight wank for bankers. Such is life in Hong Kong's publishing-starved bubble. Could it be because I'm dating the founding editor? Does the Pope shit in the woods?)

Click the link below to read the full review

Peter, Bjorn & John - Writer's Block
4 1/2 stars

Does anyone out there believe me when I say that Sweden is the third highest music producing country behind the US and the UK? No, didn't think so. Well apparently they are, and if they can keep coming out with music as fucking good as Peter Bjorn & John's Writer's Block then I for one will have more reason to emigrate there (apart from wanting to marry into blonde Nordic lineage rich with Viking ancestry).

This is their first release outside of Sweden and the US, and the album has been garnering rave reviews from the pop-throwback-hipster crowd in New York and cool places aplenty.

With the beguiling Victoria Bergsman, of the Concretes, providing vocals on Young Folks, along with some not altogether annoying whistling, the song is well deserved of the airplay this has been getting everywhere from Stockholm, New York to Tokyo. Luckily they are more than a one-hit wonder, with Amsterdam, Starts To Melt and The Chills all being quality songs among a strong selection.

With a sound that mashes indie-pop with a keen lyrical sense, Peter, Bjorn and John will be cherished at last by the international crowd, before being played to death, thus sickening all who listen, before joining Gnarls Barkley in the Overplayed Hell. While nothing ground-breaking appears on this album, what they manage to achieve is catchy guitar pop that doesn't suck.

Sounds like: The Cardigans with their hair down, whistles round their necks, and drum & bass beats in the back...

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WTF: Man killed over a PS3

How fucked up is this? Makes me glad to live in HK, where my girlfriend doesn't have to battle the mean streets of Hennessy Road with a mace can in order to nab me a PS3 for my birthday. (How much do I love thee? THIS much -SWMBO)

A 31-year-old San Francisco man was stabbed to death Monday night in a dispute over a Sony PlayStation, authorities said Tuesday.

Hani Attia was killed about 9 p.m. at Seventh and Market streets by a man who apparently took the PlayStation from one of two women trying to sell it. The women chased after the man, and one of them got it back.

Attia confronted the man who took the device. In a scuffle, Attia was stabbed. His friends took him to Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, where he died. The attacker fled.

Police Lt. John Murphy said details are still being investigated and police have not made any arrests. Attia, whose wife and family live in Michigan, had planned to open a smoke shop in San Francisco, authorities said.


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WTF: 1st post

Q. What did the sign on the door of the whorehouse say?

A. Beat it. We're closed.

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