Saturday, May 5, 2007

PC / PS3 / 360: Grand Theft Auto IV Info & Screenshots

Further info and screenshots released by Rockstar concerning the Q3 release of GTA: IV. Players take on the role of Niko Bellic, an Eastern European immigrant who comes to Liberty City to find his fortune while on the run from a dark past. Unfortunately it doesn't look like you can customize his physique, but you will be able to change his outfits (the gamers who secretly watched Queer Eye are now rejoicing inwardly -not outwardly. That could never be lived down. Ever.) Niko Bellic is in his mid-thirties so don't expect to see him doing wheelies or flying around in a Jetpack either.

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• The game is being created collaboratively between Rockstar's New York, San Diego and North (Edinburgh) studios

• Lead character Niko Bellic will be able to explore Roosevelt Island and cross the Brooklyn, Manhattan and Willamsburg bridges. He'll also be able to ride trains

• Forget barren deserts - Rockstar is cramming Liberty City and aiming for a map totally free of pointless spaces

• One of Rockstar's big goals is to eradicate all loading screens once the game is being played, so there will be no action-breaking pauses when entering/exiting buildings etc

• Rockstar's Dan Houser (vice president of creative) says about GTA IV: "It's so much more dense and detailed, not only horizontally but also vertically. It's by far the most ambitious GTA game to date."

• The Mafia will put in an appearance around Liberty City, but they won't be assigned leading roles

• With regards to appearances from familiar GTA faces, Rockstar say that there will be "virtually none"

• Soundtrack is still not confirmed, although what was heard is described as 'modern and suits the mood perfectly'

• Concerned about the lack of planes? Don't be - helicopters will definitely feature

• There won't be any option for San Andreas style character customisation of main man Niko

• Niko can use his mobile phone to call contacts, as opposed to being limited to receiving incoming calls only

• There will be an element of 'romantic involvement' in the story

• There will definitely be online multiplayer

• Niko won't be able to access all buildings


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