Friday, May 4, 2007

WTF: "My PS3 Just Killed My Xbox 360"

This is quite a funny story -apparently John Davison is some writer for 1UP and he put this on his blog. Though why anyone would ever, ever keep something like a PS3, 360, PC or even a Wii in an enclosed space is beyond me. Sorta like stacking your microwave and toaster on top of your cooker and trying to make steak, mashed potatoes, a Hormel's Tasty Lasagna, and a peanut butter jam toastie all at once. (Where does 1UP find these fools?)

Click the link below to read how not to treat your consoles for the sake of making your living room Ikea-perfect.

"I keep my PS3 and my Xbox 360 in an entertainment unit in the living room. It's a big wooden thing with glass doors, and while it looks cool, I guess it's not exactly what I'd cool well ventilated.

Anyway, this morning at some ungodly hour, both my kids got up and wanted to play videogames. My older son wanted to play Cars while my little guy wanted to watch, and fiddle with another controller while pretending to play. The pretend option turned out to be the Sixaxis (this is relevant, I'll come back to it.)

Now, the 360 on it's own doesn't run so hot that it can't handle being in the entertainment unit with the door shut. I've had it on for hours and hours and hours before, and it never gets so hot that the fan goes into turbo bastard mode. The PS3, on the other hand, is another story. If I keep that sucker in a confined space for too long, I fear for the safety of my family. Hence, whenever we play PS3 games...the door to the unit stays open.

So (back to the narrative) while pretending to play along with his brother, my little guy hits the PS button, and the PS3 springs to life, inside the closed entertainment unit, unbeknown to Mrs. D and myself.

Needless to say, temperatures rise, fans kick in, then more fans kick in, then some new, untold level of nuclear reactor-grade cooling kicks in deep within the bowels of the PS3, and the first thing I know of this is when a little voice cries, "Dad, something's wrong with my game."

Conditions in the confined space had become so super-heated that the 360 red-ringed out, big time.

So. Bottom line, my PS3 killed my 360. I have learned a very valuable lesson from this."

Fool. Personally, I like leaving my consoles out in full view. Reminds me where I spent all my money and why I have no friends or a social life.

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