Monday, January 7, 2008

TECH: 50 Free Websites To Watch Online Movies / TV

So you don't have cable, you don't live in the US or UK (where there actually is TV worth watching) and you haven't worked out where all the good stuff is on the Internet. No promises all of the links will work or the quality will be good, but here's what you've been looking for, misers:


And don't you dare accuse me of perpetuating piracy. No really, don't.

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

TECH: Time Warner Sides With Blu-ray - Toshiba & HD-DVD Weep For The Future

Blahblahblah we've heard all this before I know. What makes this announcement so different is that now there is only one major studio backing HD-DVD in the High-Definition DVD war. This is the crudest analysis ever, but at least it allows you to see what Toshiba, Microsoft and Universal / Dreamworks are up against:

So if you've just recently purchased one of those super-cheap $199 Toshiba HD-DVD players, in about 12 months time you may find yourself with a machine that can't play any new movies. Until then, Warner Bros will keep selling HD-DVDs until May, 2008. With four out of the six major Hollywood studios backing Blu-ray, the writing is on the wall for HD-DVDs, mark my words...

Ripten has an in-depth look at the Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD situation

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What Makes 2 Girls & A Cup Funny

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And here is the rest of it

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X-Rays Make For Good Wallpapers

A whole lot of photoshopping but who cares, these are all quite cute. You can find the rest of them here

And here is the rest of it

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