Friday, May 4, 2007

TECH: Geforce 8800 Ultra reviewed

With what could be quite possibly the most powerful video card on the planet (at least until next week), Nvidia have released yet another DX10 product that is going to remain pretty much unused (and underabused) until we actually see some DX10 games.

The thing is, Micro$ft have been trying to encourage (brainwash?) the public into buying their new Windows operating system -and have been touting the whole next-gen DX10 gaming thing (promising better all round graphics and physics effects) as important as say, buying Reebok Pumps when you were ten. Now everyone knows Reebok Pumps were the shit back in P5, and if you didn't own a pair, well, you just didn't get to play in the centre circle of the playground; reserved for Pumpers & Pumpettes alike, pushed to the pedagogic outskirts and generally setting the stage for a downward spiral into feelings of perpetual inadequacy and drug use in later years.

Back to the matter at hand, and more info and pictures, benchmarks and other nice geeky things after the jump. Firing Squad has a nice but slightly overly long review of the 8800 Ultra -the latest and greatest -but a tad premature, DX10 video card which is also linked to. Enjoy fellow Pumpettes.

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