Friday, May 4, 2007

WTF: Man killed over a PS3

How fucked up is this? Makes me glad to live in HK, where my girlfriend doesn't have to battle the mean streets of Hennessy Road with a mace can in order to nab me a PS3 for my birthday. (How much do I love thee? THIS much -SWMBO)

A 31-year-old San Francisco man was stabbed to death Monday night in a dispute over a Sony PlayStation, authorities said Tuesday.

Hani Attia was killed about 9 p.m. at Seventh and Market streets by a man who apparently took the PlayStation from one of two women trying to sell it. The women chased after the man, and one of them got it back.

Attia confronted the man who took the device. In a scuffle, Attia was stabbed. His friends took him to Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, where he died. The attacker fled.

Police Lt. John Murphy said details are still being investigated and police have not made any arrests. Attia, whose wife and family live in Michigan, had planned to open a smoke shop in San Francisco, authorities said.


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