Saturday, May 5, 2007

TECH: Microsoft in talks with Yahoo over US$50b takeover

Start worrying now.

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Microsoft has entered in talks with Yahoo regarding a possible takeover worth close to US$50 billion, the New York Times reported on Friday. Perhaps miffed by losing out to Google's acquisition of online-ad giant Doubleclick last week for a reported US$3.1 billion, the software juggernaut is reputedly looking to Yahoo in a bid to fight back against Google's left-right-and-centre purchases of numerous online sites and services. Myspace, Blogspot, and Youtube are just some of the many online sites Google have snapped up recently.

Having already launched an online competitor to Microsoft's Office suite, how long before Google launches an operating system of their own, a mobile phone, proprietary notebooks and PCs -is anyone's guess. I guess competition is good for MS, but we could all end up losers if this turns out to become a Google/MS duopoly with nary an independent developer/programmer in sight. With tens of billions in the bank, what's next? Buying out AMD (cos they've been treading on shaky ground ever since buying out ATI), Nvidia, or sleeping hardware giant IBM?

I'd hate to see the day where everything I own that has anything to do with electronics has a little Google or MS icon in the bottom corner.

Start praying right

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