Friday, June 15, 2007

TECH: iPhone Full Demo

This is a full 9 minute demo of the new Apple iPhone.

Two fingered text messaging? That is so 1990s...

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Marketing vs. P.R. vs. Advertising vs. Branding

Even after studying Business & Economics at uni for a year I still never worked out the difference between these. I still think its some sort of "I lick your arse, you lick mine" kind of mentality but hopefully these will help explain things better. Yup, you, me and the rest of 7th grade.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

PS3: Church Of England To Sue Over PS3 Game?

The Church Of England has allegedly threatened to sue Sony over the use of Manchester Cathedral in the alternate-future PS3 game, Resistance: Fall Of Man. Footage below:

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Under the 1988 Act, the Church could also argue that it owns the copyright to the photos that Sony is thought to have used to recreate Manchester Cathedral, Catrin Turner, a Partner at Pinsent Mason said.

Ms Turner added that the Church could follow action under libel or trade libel laws. “The Church is by no means home on this, but if it could prove it has been sullied in the eyes of worshippers who believe it has endorsed or authorised this game, it could have a case,” she said.

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The 50 Worst Video Game Titles

Game Revolution has made what must have been a very exhausting list requiring the minds of countless nerds worldwide. My favorites are:

Panic Restaurant (28)

Tongue Of The Fatman (18)


Bad Dudes VS. Dragon Ninja (5)

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Xbox 360 / PS3: Colin McRae: DIRT

This game looks like it should be amazing. The visuals are there, the next-gen console support, and the name of a someone famous in the title. Trust me, if you're bored of those driving games that force you to drive around in a circle, hemmed in by the barriers on the side of the "road" and being unable to dent, bash into, or generally fuck up your car, this could well be the game for you. Could be, I say.

Well, from that video, it looks very much like it IS for you.

And some videos for you:


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PS3: PS3 Firmware Cracked?

PS3News is reporting that a hacker going by the name of -wait for it -hacked2123, has found a way to exploit something regarding something-or-other in the PS3's software -but apparently will only work on machines that still have the original v1.10 firmware. (So, for all you suckers who decided to make full use of the internet capabilities of the PS3; you're shit outta luck -Sony forces you to upgrade your firmware pretty much as soon as you plug that ethernet plug into the back...)

Anyway, its not a full hacked PS3 -yet. Give it a few more months and we'll start seeing more people buying PS3s cos then games suddenly won't be costing $60 each anymore.

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