Friday, October 5, 2007

Xbox 360: Halo 3 Asian Version English Language Fuck-up?

Having tried my studious best to avoid the marketing behemoth that has become Halo 3 meant I totally missed out on this one nearly a week ago; apparently the Halo 3 version as released in Asia (Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan etc) came missing one crucial element: an English language audio track, meaning if you were one of the several hundred thousand foreigners living anywhere in Asia and wanting to play Halo 3, you'd have been expected to do by reading the English subtitles.

Not only that, but the snafu extended itself by way of proclaiming on the Halo 3 box that the languages supported were either Chinese / English or Japanese / English, which usually means the spoken language in-game, but in this case - only referred to the English subtitles.

Word is that Microsoft is reportedly telling Halo 3 buyers they "should have read the small print" on the back of the box. Way to go, Bill.

UPDATE: Stores across Hong Kong are now selling the Singapore version - which comes with both the English & Mandarin language audio tracks. Just make sure the copy you get says English Version in the bottom left on the front cover, and Made in Singapore on the bottom right of the back cover...

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