Saturday, May 5, 2007

Xbox 360 Exclusive: Splinter Cell Conviction "Not Achievable On PS3" In Current State

A gaming magazine in Finland has managed to score an interview with Ubisoft regarding the upcoming release of the latest Xbox 360-exclusive Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction game. According to the developers, the current state of the PS3 renders it incredibly difficult to enable them to produce a version for the PS3. More after the jump...

- No more sneaking around in the shadows. Apparently you're going to be more like James Bond and infiltrate buildings in plain daylight. You won't have to use force or sneak around as long as you don't act suspiciously.

- According to the article, every single object that is rendered on screen has physical properties and most of them can be used by Sam. For example, Sam can pick up furniture and use it as a weapon, or throw printers at enemies or papers in the face of enemies to gain the upperhand in fights.

-Melee fights are much more than "press this button to hit" this time around. There's different context sensitive attack buttons and as mentioned before lots of environmental interaction.

- Some pretty negative comments about the PS3 made by the devs. They state the fact that they are exclusive to the 360 allows them to do much more than if they were multiplatform, but they also state they doubt they would be able to achieve what they're doing with the game on the 360 on the ps3 even if it was ps3 exclusive.


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