Friday, May 4, 2007

TECH: G2P Beta -the next BT?

And here I was, thinking I was the biggest nerd I know, when out of leftfield comes my friend, lets call him Willee -BAM! With a site that holds so much promise for people like you or I (and to a lesser extent, the more civil minded among us -though for entirely different reasons. Shhh! Just let us keep it for a little while longer, please?)

What the hell is this G2P?
-G2P (Google to Person) uses some nefariously-thought up Google searches to help locate freely shared directories or otherwise shared files. These searches are apparently completely legal to do -and a helluva lot safer than say, using BT or a P2P like Limewire or Soulseek to download your "free" music/isos/porn. And now it looks as if good ol' Google was all we needed all along. Suck on that Limewire.

Apparently BT/P2P searches/downloads are easily monitored (the RIAA/MPAA are probably both waiting to strike while the iron is white-hot. In a few years, once everyone has downloaded 100gb+ of Hollywood DVDrips -imagine how rich the MPAA will be then after collecting all our fines? Lets hope the price of paper rises to that of, oh I don't know, gold -so the cost of printing all the court summons will be more than Hollywood executive courtsuckers are willing to pay out). End. Of. Rant.

Apparently the magic Google code (to search for something like New Young Pony Club) would look like this -for all of you who'd like to claim credit for coming up with the idea first -forget about it.

intitle:index.of +”last modified” +”parent directory” +(mp3|wma|ogg) +"new young pony club" -htm -html -php -asp