Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wii: Rockstar's Table Tennis

Just goes to show cool, funky music doesn't always make a trailer good...

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360 / PS3: Tony Hawk's Proving Ground TGS07 Trailer

Lookin' good...

Watch in HD

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Wii: Subliminal Homophobic Message In Super Mario Galaxy Boxart?

You be the judge: Read only the letters that have a star underneath them.

Which appear to spell: U R MR GAY. No shit, although surely it isn't the first time any self-respecting Wii owner has secretly thought that while batting invisible tennis balls or doing virtual air-trouser-snake-jiggles in front of a room full of girls in Warioware (but at least I wasn't the one-with-far-too-much-time-on-their-hands who discovered it.

Nope, these guys were.

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Wii: Nintendo Making US$49 Profit Per Wii Sold

While Sony faces another 18 month wait before turning a profit on the PS3, and profits for Microsoft have been put back another year by the US$1 billion+ repair bill for the error-prone 360, Miyamoto and co. over at Nintendo are laughing all the way to the bank after only 9 months on the market. More after the jump...

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WTF: Web-user Dies After 3-day Online Binge

A Chinese man in Guangdong province in Southern China has died after a 3-day binge at a cybercafe in Zhongshan. No word on exactly what he was doing online for those 3 days, or whether the Chinese government will denounce this as yet another evil of the Western world or just execute the cybercafe owner instead.


And here is the rest of it

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Xbox 360: Halo 3 Ending Leaked?

I was going to title this something innocuous like "Halo 3 Secret Boobies Unlock Code Unveiled" or something equally innocent to entice my three 360-owning-friends to click the Play button. But then I thought of the consequences of ruining the biggest game of the year for them...oh, the consequences...(i.e. how I'd never be allowed to borrow that little white toaster off them again)

Destructoid has more links in case MS pulls a hissy fit and pulls it from Youtube...

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PC: Turn A $499 Video Card Into A $1899 Professional 3D Video Card

A chinese website has uploaded files that claim to be able to soft-mod a $499 AMD Radeon HD 1Gb 2900XT gaming card into a $1899 professional-grade AMD FireGL V8600. Whether or not it works is anyone's guess but there's a tidbit for all you wannabe 3D-designers-on-a-shoestring out there...

EDIT: Word on the web is that the mod is available for the much cheaper $130 AMD Radeon 2600XT as well. Hit the chinese website link above for the actual files...

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