Friday, May 4, 2007

WTF: Forza Motorsport 2 (Xbox 360) can "absolutely" improve your driving

Forza 2 game director Dan Greenawalt has told CVG that he believes Forza Motorsport 2 can make you a better driver in the real world.

When asked if he thought people could become better drivers if they were good at Forza 2, Greenawalt replied,

"Absolutely. I think the things you learn in Forza Motorsport apply in the real world."

Having never played Forza before but judging from the screenshots, a "driving" game that involves racing 200mph+ cars around tracks whilst bashing the shit outta each other, this is about as useful to a real life driver as an x-ray making love to syrup might be for me. Sure those thumbs might be getting a workout using your 360 controller nipples, but how the hell does that relate to holding a steering wheel with both hands and 400h.p. of V12 grunt behind you?

Does this look like the kind of game that would stop 18 yr olds from turning into complete lunatics on the road?

Does it fuck.
Greenawalt continues,

"If you're on the edge of traction on your front tyres turning and you brake, you've now exceeded your traction and you're going to under steer straight off into a barrier. We've had people play these other games and then they play Forza and go 'wow, how come when I brake it doesn't turn more?' well, that's because it doesn't in the real world. I think we're teaching people how to drive well in a safe place. And it's less expensive than driving on a real track day."

Meanwhile, in a wonderfully timed rebuttal, the British School of Motoring recently said there's an indisputable link between gaming and dangerous driving.


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