Wednesday, July 11, 2007

E3: Killzone 2 (PS3)

Is there hope for the PS3 yet?

Or was that just artwork? More after the jump.

With the annual E3 kicking off in Santa Monica today, game developers and publishers will be showing off their upcoming games and game-related hardware at the show. Look out for "Best of E3" awards affixed to the covers of video games in a few months time as publishers seek to pull in sales. So without further ado, lets get started!

First up is Sony's highly anticipated PS3-only Killzone 2. Reportedly costing more than US$40 million to make, and being developed by Guerrilla Games in the Netherlands, Killzone 2 has been making waves in the scene for many reasons. Not least of all, the trailer shown at E3 2005, while completely blowing everyone away with its visuals, was later exposed to be a pre-rendered video -and not of actual gameplay.

Here is the trailer in HD being shown at E3 2007.

Kotaku just got a sneak peek at Killzone 2. Here's (some of) what they had to say about the preview shown:

The game's look was the most stunning thing about it. Much like Resistance Fall of Man, it wasn't anyone thing that really stood out (though the lighting effects were just plain stunning) but rather the combination of everything you were seeing. There was so much detail, so much activity that it was hard for you to take it all in as it happened. Instead the game's intense action and detailed graphics helped to create what the developers called a violent theater of war.

I think Killzone 2 is probably the most impressive game I've seen so far at E3. Granted it's early in the show, but I think the game has a good chance to retaining that title. But don't trust me. Starting at 3 p.m. Pacific time Wednesday, Sony will have the new Killzone 2 trailer up on the Playstation Store. Go check it out and report what you think of the trailer back here.

While 1UP had this to say about it:

What we like: The presentation and attention to detail are key. The game doesn't look as good as the 2005 trailer, naturally, but it looks close to as good as any other console shooter. We'd say that currently Gears of War tops it, and a few other titles are on the same visual level, but the game looks extremely nice.

What we dislike: There doesn't seem to be much big picture stuff in here we haven't seen yet in other games. This likely has more to do with Sony being very secretive about the features at the moment than a lack of innovation in the game, given its importance to Sony and the company's hints at online features, but at this point it's hard to pick out one or two big things that will help separate the gameplay from what we've seen in other war shooters.

Click here to view more hi-resolution screenshots in 720p

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