Thursday, July 12, 2007

E3: Super Mario Galaxy

At long last do we see some sign of a Nintendo offering at E3 2007, and with it, is the trailer for Super Mario Galaxy -one of the most hyped games for the Wii this year. Enjoy.

Super Mario Galaxy is perhaps the mostly highly anticipated (what is this, the most highly anticipated week?) game coming out -in terms of just how many people around the world are waiting for it. Forget Halo 3, forget Killzone 2 and Heavenly Sword -Super Mario Galaxy has probably every single gamer on this planet itching to play it. Bar none. Except those too dumb to bask in some good ol' Mario fun.

Most of the game takes place in outer space along a vast stretch of miniature planets and planetoids. Mario can jump from planet to planet defeating enemies and picking up various items along the way. Each planet's gravitational force will keep Mario from flying off into space, but each planet has a different gravity, and such, has different effects on Mario's movement.

The point of the game is to collect stars and Mario will face massive bosses along the way, ranging from towering mechanical bosses, an octopus in a pit of lava, to flower headed monsters with dinosaur-like bodies. The game is completely in 3D and you can expect to use the full range of traditional Mario moves like the spin attack. Mario is also expected to be able to fly -using a "Bee-Suit". Expect much from this. Nintendo has to silence the critics that the Wii is anything but a one-hit wonder.

Below is a test market video from E3, where a bunch of gamers got their lucky mitts on the demo.

And here is the latest developer walkthrough video from Super Mario Galaxy

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