Friday, July 13, 2007

E3: Lair

Lair is an upcoming game developed by Factor 5 exclusively for the PS3 and set to arrive on August 14th, 2007. Lair requires you to take on the role of Rohn, a knight who belongs to the Asylians elite-dragon riding force. Dragons, eh? Judging from the screenshots and trailers, this game will either play absolutely amazingly or tank completely at the charts.

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Lair takes place in a world that is being threatened by numerous emerging volcanoes, which are causing the whole land to be destroyed and the air to be polluted. Recently, people have divided into two kingdoms: the Mokai, whose lands are arid and depleted of resources, and the seemingly noble Asylians, who live in one of the last remaining bountiful, green areas.

The two nations are naturally at odds with one another, and the recently empowered, aggressive Asylian religious leaders are already leading the country down the path of inevitable war when the Mokai accelerate the hostilities with a surprise attack.

The player assumes the role of a dragon-riding knight named Rohn. Rohn is given the tasks of defending a certain area, destroying certain objects, eliminating enemies or creatures, and so on. There is some debate as to whether the game is stage-based or open-world, the latter stance mostly an optimistic guess. After each stage, Factor 5 has confirmed that the player can earn either gold, silver, or bronze medals. Earning medals will help to unlock combos and behind-the-scenes videos. Most of the game's battles will be air-combat, but some may be fought on the ground. While Rohn will not be able to dismount and fight on foot, he can land and fight back on the back of his dragon. In some locations, the game will feature a morale system tied to the enemy; the lower their morale, the less they fight. The game will rely heavily on PlayStation 3's (PS3's) SIXAXIS motion controls. For example, the player will fly their dragon by tilting the controller.


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