Wednesday, July 11, 2007

E3: MGS4 Still a PS3 Exclusive

Pre-E3 whispers had many saying Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots would be a timed exclusive. However, with Microsoft noticeable in its absence of mentioning MGS4 in their press release, rumors are now circulating that maybe Microsoft have failed in their efforts to claim MGS4 as yet another victory against Sony in the battle for exclusives. More after the link below.

It was only yesterday that rumors of Metal Gear Solid 4 being released for Xbox 360 hit a new high. Konami's head of US and European operations, Kazumi Kitaue, said that even though Metal Gear Solid was born for PlayStation, and the firm would like to keep it that way, steps may have to be taken.

We can only presume that he means steps taken to make the game multiplatform to cover the cost of the game's lengthy development cycle.

A source has told CVG that , "Kitaue is constantly trying to force Kojima to drop the game's PS3 exclusivity, which Hideo refuses point blank to do. Trust me MGS4 will be a PS3 exclusive for for months at least."

Microsoft's press conference focused on games that will be released this year (apart from Resi 5). There was no mention of MGS4 and 360 which makes us believe that Sony is still holding tight to the franchise. If it was coming to 360, Peter Moore would have made a massive song and dance about it. He didn't, probably because the deal's not been signed yet.


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