Saturday, May 26, 2007

Wii: New Wii "Mod-Proof"

Those of you who have yet to buy or mod your Wii had better do so quickly. News regarding the latest batch of Wii consoles from Japan is that they apparently "unmoddable". More after the jump.

To quote from hacken forums:

"It is a latest news from a shop in 188. The latest lots of Wii NTSC-J can't be modded. Why? It's because 3-pins are physically cut from a surface-mounted IC. There are still some Wii NTSC-J unaffected in 188 and Golden, but price will go up soon once this news spreads out and everyone is struggling to be the last one to have it. So hurry if you have not gotten one yourself yet. Of course, if you only play legitimate games, then it doesn't bother you anyway.

Luckily, Wii NTSC-U is not affected yet."

Given the fact that every major console has been cracked within six months of its launch, I don't hold out much hope for Nintendo's latest effort to maintain regional control over Wii games. I give it a month.


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