Thursday, May 24, 2007

TECH: Two Of The Best 3D Engines Ever Made -Compared

I posted a thread comparing the visuals in Far Cry with the hotly anticipated DX10 Crysis, both from developer Crytek. Now here is a comparison between the game engine used in Crysis and Epic's Unreal Engine 3, arguably the 3D game engine getting the most accolades, with both Gears Of War and Rainbow Six: Vegas making use of Epic's 3rd iteration in the Unreal Engine series.

Click below for a massive screenshot comparison and also to see just how good 3D graphics have gotten.

Click each image to view the full sized one. The comparison:

With the Unreal Engine 3 making its appearance in a number of upcoming games for both PC and console, and CryEngine 2 expecting to be licensed very shortly, below is a list of games where one can see these 3D engines in action:

Bioshock - PC, Xbox 360 (Irrational Games, August 21st, 2007)

Medal Of Honor: Airborne - PC, PS3, Xbox 360 (EA, August 28th (PC/360), Sept. 12th (PS3), 2007)
Mass Effect - Xbox 360 (Bioware, TBA 2007)

Strangehold - PS3 (Midway Chicago, 2007)

Unreal Tournament 3 - PC (Epic, TBA 2007)

Turok - PS3, Xbox 360 (Propaganda Games, TBA 2007)

Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway - PC, PS3, Xbox 360 (Gearbox Software, Q4 2007)

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