Monday, May 21, 2007

TECH: Windows Vista Cracked Once And For All?

A hacking group going by the name of NoPE have released what could possibly be the finest pirated version of Vista so far. Apparently, this release works without a serial or activation, and allows for full security updates from Microsoft. More after the jump.

Rumors are that this version of Vista (32-bit) is the same as the volume license copies of XP that were circulating the internet weeks after XP was released. That version didn't require a serial key either and was purported to have leaked from HP. All security updates worked and even after Microsoft released Service Pack 2, all one had to do to circumvent the blocking of the blacklisted volume license key, was to download a key patcher available from pretty much any good torrent site.

For now though, it appears this copy of Vista is working and without any of the makeshift patches and cracks that surfaced immediately after Vista was released. If you know where to look you should have no trouble finding this.

(Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate X86 OEM DVD READ NFO-NoPE)

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Web Turtle said...

I reckon i can photoshop reconstruct your reflection in the cellophane wrapper... hehe

who'd wanna crack Vista?