Saturday, April 19, 2008

WTF: Yeah. So, um.

Two months since my last post. Brilliant! (some would say, particularly those wishing for me to finally do something worthwhile with my precious time)

For others, you may be lamenting the crappy game links, the overabundance of Youtube videos and reliance on Wikipedia entries for game info. In which case, you probably stopped reading eons ago and I'm just myself, right now.

Anyway, to get to the point; Seeing the shambolic state of my life right now, I've decided I need to wise up a bit, stop spending my entire life online and start figuring shit out that doesn't involve me; a) whoring myself out to corporate salesmen (no, you really need that 47" plasma Mr. Maloney) b) spending all my money on booze and candy and c) generally getting dumber with every passing nanosecond.

Hence, my wistful plan of turning this site into something readable, informative (to some) and chock-a-block with witty, biting remarks about all things I love and hate, will perhaps one day come to fruition. Just don't hold your breath waiting for it, cos I certainly am not.

Anyway, enjoy my new favourite producer, Jean-Christophe Le Saoƻt of Wax Tailor fame...

Edit: Oh yeah, did I mention its been about two months since I last picked up a game controller of any kind? Sold my Wii, my gaming PC and am looking for a buyer for the rest of my junk...a set of 1210mk2s and a DJM-600 anyone? 47" plasma with a small white patch in the bottom left corner? (hardly noticeable, really.)

Edit no.2: Fuck. This gaming-geek site got me a paying job. Hmm. Anyone know if there's an Undo button in Blogger?

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