Thursday, November 1, 2007

TECH: Eye-Fi Wireless SD Memory Card

Its been a while since Eye-Fi first mentioned word of their wireless memory card, but here it is at last. Able to transfer pictures, images and just about anything else directly from the memory card to a PC or Mac. At the moment the card is available with just 2Gb, but expect that to increase as the product stays in the market. Interesting...

Read via Adorama

Eye-Fi, a California-based company, announced this morning what they say is the world's first wireless SD memory card for digital cameras. The 2GB card, which will retail for around $99, is said to make it possible to send photos wirelessly from a digital camera to a Wi-Fi-enabled Mac or PC using wireless networks (also known as "hot spots"). The card works with any current SD-compatible camera, and will automatically upload photos onto pre-selected social networking sites or on-line photo labs when the camera is turned on. The feature, if it works as promised, could very well save photographers time spent uploading images to computers and then to web sites. The card is expected to be available immediately.

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