Tuesday, October 30, 2007

TECH: Asus Debuts its $299 Eee PC Notebook

This is a bit late, but better than never. Last week Asus launched their newest endeavor in the sub-notebook (read: tiny laptop) market dubbed the "Eee PC". Laptop Mag have already called this "pound for pound the best value notebook on the planet". And running at the same price as most mobile phones, there could well be a lot of people interested in this. Mind you, it doesn't run Windows or OSX, its missing a DVD drive, stacks up with only 4Gb of hard drive space and only has a teeny 7" LCD - but it does come with Wi-Fi, and its minus Windows - what more could you want from a laptop thats smaller than the size and weight of a hardback?

Read via LaptopMag

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