Sunday, October 14, 2007

WTF: Nintendo Wii vs. Vii Rush

I know this is quite old, but I could only find photos of this before - now at least we've got some info regarding this Chinese-brand Wii rip-off. More after the jump.

And just remember this is all translated from the Chinese Engadget via Google Translate:

Let us close this feeling under VII products: power rods vii, of the 2.4 g shock wireless controller. 360°感应玩家动作。 360 ° induction player moves. 定位是5岁+的儿童及其家庭,目前售价为1,280元(奇怪,好像之前是说不到1000RMB),虽然游戏扩展性不佳,但显然是为了蚕食WII没进入中国留下的市场空白,这款产品大约在10月底11月初上市。 Positioning is the age of 5 + children and their families, currently sells for 1,280 yuan (strange, as if that is less than before 1000 RMB), although the poor scalability of the game, but apparently not to erode WII entered the Chinese market left blank, this product around the end of October early November listing.

我们只能说,任天堂可能得重新考虑是否进入中国了,XBOX是不是也要紧张下,哪天跑出个中国版,别怪我们没提醒哦。 We can only say, Nintendo may have to reconsider whether to enter China, Xbox is also tense, which day outside the Chinese version, we do not blame remind oh. 瘾科技想听听大家对这款产品的更多观点。 Addiction Technology want to listen to your more of this product perspective.

Engadget China has more here (source)

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