Sunday, October 14, 2007

TECH: iPhone v1.1.1 Unlocked by iPhoneSimFree Team

Well that didn't take very long now, did it?

Apparently the pay-as-you-hack iPhoneSimFree team have managed to unlock Apple's latest attempts to lock the iPhone from the prying fingers of non-AT&T-wishing users everywhere. After Apple's latest firmware upgrade "bricked" owners of unlocked iPhones (who in reply, have tried to sue Apple), hackers from the fee-charging iPhoneSimFree team have reportedly discovered a way around this latest firmware - and one that allows previously "bricked" iPhones to become, er, "unbricked" (see: working) again.

EDIT: Thats one way to spend $100 to fix your "bricked" iPhone - another way is to wait a week or two for the hack-for-free guys over at AnySim or iUnlock to come up with their own solution. Your decision...

More over at Dailytech

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