Friday, August 3, 2007

Wii: Nintendo May Launch High-Definiton Wii

Industry analyst Michael Pachter has suggested that Nintendo may reverse its decision to stick to a 5yr release schedule and launch a High Definition Wii in 2-3 years to appease consumers -and about time too. While its all fun and potentially pant-wetting to play Warioware and those other low-def Wii games, what did we all buy our expensive HDTVs for? More after the jump.

"Consumers may hope for improved graphics, and my guess is that Nintendo will comply," said analyst Michael Pachter in an email to GamePro.

"In two or three years, commodity prices for graphics processors and CPUs may decline to the point that a High Definition Wii could be introduced. If so, Nintendo will likely introduce one," he added.

The statement comes as several industry pundits suggest that Wii's success will gradually fade given the console's dated graphics technology. The long-standing argument is that both core and casual gamers will grow wary of Wii's novelty once Xbox 360 and PS3 graphics hit their full stride. (source)

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