Friday, August 3, 2007

PS3: Bioshock Coming to PS3?

In a recent interview conducted by Gamepro, Ken Levine, one of the developers working on the game, was asked if the game would ever be seen on the PS3. While not confirming anything, he didn't deny the possibility of the game appearing on Sony's console. He did however, reply that "right now" they are focused on the Xbox 360 version. More after the jump.

GP: Also, another comment you might not be too open to talking about, but will we be seeing or hearing anything about Bioshock on the PS3 down the road?

LEVINE: Right now we’re totally focused on making the game for Xbox 360. Microsoft has been a great partner, we love the platform, and we get to make a PC game as well. That’s great because we come from the PC side, but right now we’re focused on getting the game out the door on the platform that we’re on and that we love. (source)

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