Tuesday, July 24, 2007

PC: Hacker Recommends Opera for Safe Browsing

So this story goes like this; a hacker who designs exploit tool kits for fun (and mayhem) has graciously offered his recommendation on how to browse the web safely. Whereas I look at it like this double-edged sword; "I've spent the last six months reverse-engineering the Opera browser and now know how to really fuck any computer that uses it. So yeah, Opera rules!" Of course he could actually be telling the truth. More after the jump.

In a recent interview over at SecurityFocus one of the developers of the exploit tool kit known as MPack has talked about most of his and his colleagues eVIL ways and, in the end flat out recommenced people to use Opera Software's browser in order to stay safe.

The exact words were: "I would advise you to use the Opera browser with scripts and plug-ins disabled in order not to be caught by the MPack someday." Good advice from a 'bad' man? Or a strategy of unknown origins? Just one way to make sure.


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