Friday, July 27, 2007

360 / PC / PS3: Mirror's Edge

Its rare when a print magazine draws your attention to something you've never heard of in this day and age. I just picked up my monthly copy of Edge and there it was on the cover. Without one single whisper from any site or forum on the web. Seems I wasn't alone either, as Kotaku and IGN also happened to find out about this via Edge. Stop press! (but follow the jump to find out more about this quite interesting-sounding game)

Coming from DICE, the guys behind the Battlefield series, and published by EA, Mirror's Edge is an FPS-action-adventure game that focuses on movement. The devs say the emphasis is not on shooting or the weapons, but on the person itself, and their movement in-game.

Setting and background follow the by-now standard seemingly utopian city environment which is also ruled by an authoritarian government regime who keeps its citizens under tight surveillance.

Players take the role of a runner; the only way in which covert communications can take place in such a city. To quote from Kotaku:

Huge levels will allow you the same kind of free-form exploration and athletic tomfoolery as a game like Tony Hawks or even Crackdown, but with much finer control. Don't think the lumbering cops of Crackdown, think Prince of Persia.

But in first-person. Instead of your character being just a floating camera, like most other FPS games, your whole body is an object in Mirror's Edge. Your legs, arms and torso are visible, allowing you to judge your leaps, handholds and shimmys. Your body will also behave accurately - if you're running at full-speed you'll be able to see your feet taking larger steps and your arms pumping, and this will affect your momentum. (source)

Release date is TBA sometime in 2008...

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