Sunday, May 6, 2007

PS3 / Xbox 360: Xbox Live vs. Playstation Home

By far the best online service for gamers right now, Xbox Live features downloadable games, movies, demos, TV shows, and a whole host of other online goodness, like being able to join games that you see your friends are playing. Until now, Sony's answer to this has lain in the relatively pokey Playstation Store -and while it offers downloadable games and demos, it is very much an empty closet so far.

Sony's upcoming response to XBL lies in what it calls Playstation Home. An online virtual community akin to Second Life, and resembling the Sims 2 for its visual scope and customization of characters, and one that has just recently opened its doors for beta trial testing for US customers.

Does it have what it takes? On the one hand, XBL is a lesson in simplicity and some would say a lesson in how to make gaming online very, very boring. Home however, while looking incredibly grand and impressive, might just be a total waste of our time, no doubt there will be people who just "game" on Home, and not by playing actual PS3 games.

Click the link below to a video comparison

Playstation Home vs. Xbox Live video comparison

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