Thursday, May 10, 2007

MUSIC: LCD Soundsystem - Sound Of Silver Album Review

Although the official release for this was in March 2007, this one leaked on the internet sometime in November / December last year. Sucks. Though whether that made any difference to sales, who knows -cos this album kicks. Click the link to read the full review.

LCD Soundsystem
Sound Of Silver
5 stars

The thing I like most about LCD Soundsystem are the moments where half the song seems to go one way while the other half goes the other -and seeing how the two halves come back together. If you try and follow one thread you'll come out with a very defined version of crap, or fantastic. Put them together and you start to see where the talent lies. Not rock, not electro, not anything by itself.

Get Innocuous
, while a great title for a track, features a beat so similar to the hit single Losing My Edge off the self-titled debut, making you wonder if this is going set the scene for a washed out compilation of remixes from their first album. Cowbells, tuned Talking Heads vocals in tribute, crossed with 5th grade socio-political commentary about how shit North Americans really are make up North American Scum, followed by a song that The Killers would have died to have had on their last album -and at the end, a delightful crooning by the man himself in New York I Love You that has more to do with Nilsson than Eno. You can almost spot the songs James Murphy made for the debut on this one too -only this time round there's a level of refinement that was missing from the first album. Less in your face and more intricacy. And a hell of a lot more cow bells. Self-deprecating punk/funk/electro -whatever you wanna call it, no one does it better than DFA.