Sunday, January 6, 2008

TECH: Time Warner Sides With Blu-ray - Toshiba & HD-DVD Weep For The Future

Blahblahblah we've heard all this before I know. What makes this announcement so different is that now there is only one major studio backing HD-DVD in the High-Definition DVD war. This is the crudest analysis ever, but at least it allows you to see what Toshiba, Microsoft and Universal / Dreamworks are up against:

So if you've just recently purchased one of those super-cheap $199 Toshiba HD-DVD players, in about 12 months time you may find yourself with a machine that can't play any new movies. Until then, Warner Bros will keep selling HD-DVDs until May, 2008. With four out of the six major Hollywood studios backing Blu-ray, the writing is on the wall for HD-DVDs, mark my words...

Ripten has an in-depth look at the Blu-ray vs. HD-DVD situation

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