Friday, December 21, 2007

Wii: Fuck You Nintendo, I Won't Play Your Wii

If you:

a) Remember Matthew Broderick as being the coolest actor of his time

b) Have owned every (or nearly every) single video game console ever made


c) Are a 'casual' gamer who loves owning a Wii and inviting 'friends' round to play virtual tennis

I highly recommend you read this blog post from my new favorite blogger. To quote (and whip up that appetite of yours):

(A) casual gamer is a term for someone who fucking sucks at video games, but plays them once in a while so they fit in with other beings of superior intelligence and manual dexterity. I’m a casual gamer for games that suck – I play them for 10 minutes and I shut them off – permanently.

If you can handle more - read on, this guy is brilliant. Link here (TommyV2)

And here is the rest of it

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