Saturday, December 8, 2007

Call of Duty 5 - WW2??

'Nooooo...' (at the thought of another WW2 shooter)

'NOOOOOOAAAAHRHRCCCCKKKHHHHHHHGGHHH!' (at the thought of crappy-COD3-developer Treyarch taking over the reins from COD4 demi-gods Infinity Ward)

(Ed. This actually sounds like a rumor, but we should all still be praying for Treyarch's immediate demise from the dev scene regardless)


bloodemperor13 said...

you realize that is not WW2 he is holding an MP5

Anonymous said...

lol that is on OVERGROWN dudeee

Anonymous said...

this is call of duty 4 they just used this pic cause the makers of call of duty 5 did not release anything yet even pictures.

IhavethePowertomakeyoumad said...

"at the thought of crappy-COD3-developer Treyarch taking over the reins from COD4 demi-gods Infinity Ward"

??? Opinion? Here's one:

Since hopping around like a kangaroo and swishing my elbows like a drag queen isn't my style (COD4), COD3 remains to this day the best version of the game. COD2 has horrid sound effects (however COD3 won awards), and COD4 used those very same sound effects as COD2(lazy), used the same dev engine for animation as COD2(lazy), didn't care about story line (lazy) and basically ripped off BFMC (extremely lazy). The sadest part is it's overlayed on the same servers as COD3, so COD3 players are suffering intense lag issues while we wait for COD4's inevitable demise.

Maybe killing arabs in a frenetic "I wannabe a soldier but I'm just a video game basement dwelling PB&J eating teen" turns on those same pimply pre-adult newbies, but at least COD3 dev used REAL story line and if you watch the disc, they interview actual war heroes who help in the dev of the game...oh but wait, the new generation thinks people their age ARE heroes!

COD4 players seem to be that same lot that drive Imprezza's, WRX's or Civic's with the big tailpipe as opposed to the COD3 crowd who prefer Ferrari's, Lambo's and Porsche's. Truth be told, I'm not sure most of the COD4 "klan" members are over 8 judging from online play gamer voices and are probably happy because their lag switches they got from aren't needed anymore since the game is already so easy (8 hours to play and complete the campaign on veteran?)

FACT: COD4 would never have been as fast a seller (which doesn't mean popular) had COD3 not set the foundation and expectation. COD5 will have to overcome the same bad game experience COD2 set for COD3. Thankfully it did, and eventually so will COD5.

Alas, if COD4 is the best Infinity Ward can do, then COD6 will probably be collecting dust as is COD4 while I continue to play COD3 and then COD5. (Now's a good time to look up that word 'frenetic').

So very happy the franchise is going back to it's true originator...well at least for the odd numbered versions.

If this post sounds condescending (look that up too) and as pompous as your comment(add 'pompous' to your dictionary list), maybe it's meant to be, but once you read it, I doubt it will be a fixture on your blog for very'll just flash bang grenade it, take out your video game enhanced uber-force weapon and delete it away...just like COD4 players are used to. Maybe that's why you don't like takes more skill.

Anonymous said...

Wow you think CoD 4 is bad.... Call of Duty 3 multiplayer was fine I played it for months but CoD 4 is much better then 3,better graphics,more interesting story,larger weapon choice,its open worlded in multiplayer unlike CoD 3. The only faulth that I see in CoD 4 is in the multiplayer they could have at least one vehicle but still CoD 4 is the best out of all the first person shooter games including all the older CoDs. I learned words like pompous,condescending and others like that in the sixth grade I guess your like 48 years old if you dont remember how schools work. Keep playing CoD 3 with its medics and tanks.. and its glitches......beeotch

Anonymous said...

IhavethePowertomakeyoumad (nice name =S)


Anonymous said...

Hey IhavethePowertomakeyoumad,

This is taken from some articles on COD from across the net: "Infinity Ward's first title, Call of Duty, won over 80 Game of the Year awards[1] and 47 Editor's Choice Awards[2]. The sequel, Call of Duty 2 for the Xbox 360 and PC has sold more than one million units in the U.S. alone[3]. In addition, Call of Duty 2 was the first Xbox 360 title to sell one million copies in the United States[3]. It continues to be among the highest-rated games for the platform, according to Game Rankings.[4] Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare also has a massive commercial and critical success, selling over a combined 7 million copies as of January 25, 2008[5] and received 95.3 out of 100 for Xbox 360 and PS3 on Gamerankings. The PC version earned a 93 out of 100. Call of Duty: United Offensive, Call of Duty 2: Big Red One and Call of Duty 3 were developed by Treyarch, and it is likely that Call of Duty 5 will also be developed by them."

Why don't you try doing some research before you rant your idiotic (look it up) nonsense.

Anonymous said...

dude you think hey are lazy ??
they worked almost 5 years on this masterpiece.
CoD3 has the Lamest and i mean lamest death effects.
i agree it was a fun game.
you know that CoD3 has these weird things if you play it too long on a xbox console.

if you play CoD3 3-4 hours you get
some bugs.
for starting Players aimong other way as you see but they aim at your head :S

you see an enemy in a bush. it's a sniper but WTF a white helmet omg....

and btw CoD3 was too shiny even the wood of your sniper shined as it was silver the helmets was what i like to say "Yo there another BLING BLING nigga"
CoD4 doesn't use the same sound effects.
CoD4 is way more awesome than BFMC.
the idea of MC wasn't stolen. it was just other idea of freaking WW2

Mike said...

U are tard, not WWII he has an MP5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In fact!
We dont even use that weapon any more!
(SF can choose if they want to)

Anonymous said...

ihavethepowertomakeyoumad, your obviously just a hater. Stop sucking CoD3 c0ck for two minutes and look at the bigger picture. Variety is the spice of life. Pr!ck

Anonymous said...

IHAVETHEPOWER, your an idiot. You should be very pleased with your use of all of those 2 dollar words, even though im sure you were frantically thumbing through your dictionary and/or thesaurus as your brilliant little brain tingled in anticipation of the reaction your comments on this blog would generate.
Call of duty IV is infinitely better than III or II for that matter, oh and i would love to see that porsche that you drive and hear the stories of your last deployment downrange. Or maybe you are in fact that pimple faced soldier wannabe thats playing war games in their mothers basement.
"so pleased with ourselves for using so many verbs and nouns, but we were all still just dumb dumb dumber than the dirt dirt dirt on the ground."

Anonymous said...

that is medal of honor airborne not cod 5

19DELTA said...

i might stop playin c.o.d. if it was ww2.i mean come on the next logical step after modern warfare(cod4)would be futuristic warfare...which i think it would be tight and infinity ward would make sure that it is.

Anonymous said...

This is gay
the only way i might believe this is the guy was holdin the mp44 and was in a different part of the map

Ghost-Man-Gus said...

IHAVETHEPOWERTOMAKEYOUMAD... you really are a donut. If u think COD3 is better than COD4 then you rele are a wasteman, i think its just becuase your a old man and you want games that were set around your time. It is a fact, COD4 is easier cause the wepons are obviously better and higher in tecnology, unlike the shit COD3 wepons that are just so crap to use id rather use a water pistol. I think u should have more a of a open aproach and stop being a hater, such dickhead trieng to pursuade people that COD3 is better than 4. I HOPE U PLAY IT ONLINE AND SOMEONE THROWS A GRANADAAAA AT YOU!!!! MUDER FUCKERRRRRRR!!!!

P.S. COD4 is the best FPS out atm although its a shame u cant use some of the things in the story online, such as the silencer on the sniper rifle... that would be so kool,and i would know since i have the golden dragnov sniper (brap brap). Who thinks COD5 is gonna be v similar to COD4 but a different storyine and a much larger range of levels,wepons,cammo,attachments and perks. Could u imagine if they made it like 50 years ahead :| wepons like the AK400 PLAZMA RIFLE loool

Anonymous said...

that ihavethepowertomakeyoumad fag doent even believe what hes saying, although some things are true, for one cod3 did help make cod4 popular, but i dunno maybe the list of awards it won and awesome trailers helped too. and hey genius cod3 wouldnt have sold well if not for the two before it. this guys just some old cocksucker whos mad they didnt do cod4 in vietnam, which whould have been cool and all, but honestly who can blame them for not making a game on a war we basically lost, and cashing in on all the anti muslim sentiment going around. cod5 should definetly stay out of ww2 now that theyve left it, and maybe try a real modern war storyline. i mean if youve played any non cod war game in the past 10 years it always involves russia in some sort of power struggle, i say they send the next game into iraq and afganistan, like actual modern war, throw in some of the guns from that futureweapons show, and let the players go through moments like the capture of saddam, maybe really push it and let you kill osama bin laden

Anonymous said...

This guy >>>>ihavethepowertomakeyoumad is just another crybaby that gets raped on Cod4 everyday( and yes you know you still play it) by people like me. Listen to this guy, he talks about Cod4 players are nothing but pre-adult basement- dwelling teens. You know good and well you are a 30 years old,still live in your moms basement and you have never been laid. Buddy, we call people like you a Douche bag.(Ohh! how about you add that one to your dictionary since you're so fond of it poon)< (oh wait add that one too)

Anne Nonimoose said...

CoD 5 - is called "World at War" its a fps in WWII in the Pacific Theater.

Anonymous said...

most of you people are idiots ok cod2 may have had some lame sound affects but it was a good game and cod3 was just as good and if you dont like cod4 you are 1 of 2 things 1 you are a brain dead mamas boy who lives in his or hers parents basement or 2 the game is too hard for you and I bet you are the first one so pull up a chair and try to enjoy something other than blues clues ok.

Anonymous said...

COD 5 is wwII and thats it thats an mp 40 fucktard

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