Tuesday, November 27, 2007

360: Gay Halo 3 Player Gets (Verbally) Shafted Online

Excruciating to listen to, this pretty much sums up everything negative I think of online gaming, use of headsets and the entire Halo franchise pretty much. All in 2:30 mins...

And here is the rest of it

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Anonymous said...

I have zero sympathy for the guy.
He goes out of his way to announce that he's gay for an online game that's full of immature rejects...and then you're surprised and shocked and appalled at how people react to him?

I'm appalled that anybody would be so stupid as to expect otherwise.

What purpose does it serve for him to call himself "XXXgayboyXXX", except to provoke this kind of reaction? Why does he have to announce to the gaming community that he's gay? Why can't he just log on, and start shooting like everyone else?

Like I said, ZERO sympathy.