Monday, October 22, 2007

TECH: Blu-Ray / HD-DVD War Heats Up

With the release of the $399 40Gb PS3 last week, and rumors of an upcoming Xbox 360 with integrated HD-DVD drive, is it really time for us all to abandon the ol' faithful DVD for the new HD-wunderkids that are appearing now?

In short, no. $400 for an HD drive is still simply too expensive for the masses to take up - give us a $99 HD-DVD / Blu-Ray player and then we'll start to see the death of the DVD by way of that other ol' faithful, the VHS. Till then, there's a distinct lack of 1080p LCDs in people's homes and upscaling DVD players to get past. has more on this, with an in-depth analysis of the state of the HD "war".

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