Monday, September 3, 2007

WTF: PS2 Still Outselling Xbox 360 / PS3

Sony's PS2 has reportedly hit 115 million units sold worldwide, officially making it the best-selling console in gaming history. The last-gen console has outsold Sony's flagship PS3 every month since the latter was released in December, 2006. By comparison, the Xbox 360 has only outsold the PS2 twice in 21 months. Ouch. (source)

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bysmitty said...

It just goes to show that the masses understandably value affordability and game selection over super HD graphics. The majority of people out there just don't care about this supposed HD era we're in. It is not that they haven't been exposed to HD before, it's not that they can't tell the difference between HD and SD, and it is not that they can't afford a HD set. It is that the difference isn't big enough for them to dump that kind of cash. To techies like us, HD is the greatest thing since porn but to your average joe, they will only upgrade once they are forced to.


Pixelated Scraps said...

Good point. I think a lot of us forget that we're in the minority when it comes to needing HD capable technology.

Just goes to show maybe MS shouldn't have killed off the original Xbox so quickly or they might actually be making money off their gaming division and covering their losses from the 360's "fireball" syndrome...