Thursday, August 23, 2007

360 / PS3: Wet

You may be forgiven for thinking I'd expanded into porn, but you'd be sadly mistaken. Wet is Sierra Online's answer to Lara Croft, and it is set to hit in 2008 sometime. More after the jump.

The game's script was penned by one of the lead writers from the seminal television action drama 24, though the stylized look borrows just as heavily from cool-cat Tarantino tale Kill Bill. Rather than running down terrorists or sticking it to her ex-gang mates, Rubi is a government-approved mercenary, a legal gun for hire. As such, her assignments can be considered "wet works," an old Cold War euphemism for covert, special-op assassinations.

And she's certainly good at her job. Wet's action-packed gameplay lies somewhere between Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia, due in part to the fact that the sexy star totes dual-pistols and a samurai sword. She can leap all over the place, twisting her body in the air to avoid enemy fire, running along walls and kicking off objects to somersault over the heads of her enemies like a young Jackie Chan.

A modular animation system lets Rubi shoot her guns from any acrobatic state, allowing her to dispense pain pills in the middle of a cartwheel or while hanging upside-down from a steel ladder. Newbies can pull off such moves easily using a standard auto-aim, but the more advanced hit men can go manual and lock-on to different targets at once. (source)

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