Tuesday, May 29, 2007

PS3 / Wii / Xbox 360: Hardware Sales For April

Hardware sales figures are out for April. The most surprising show both the PSP and PS2 sales continue to surpass those of the Xbox 360. Even more surprising, the No.1 console for the 2007 so far?

The Nintendo DS. (EUH?)

Nintendo DS: 471,000

Wii: 360,000

PlayStation 2: 194,000

PlayStation Portable: 183,000

Xbox 360: 174,000

Game Boy Advance: 84,000

Playstation 3: 82,000

Comparisons with March sales figures after the jump

When we compare these to the sales figures from March we can see:

Wii: Up 39% from March

PS2: Down 31% from March

Xbox 360: Down 23% from March

PS3: Down 39% from March

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