Wednesday, May 16, 2007

PC: Far Cry vs. Crysis Screenshots

Remember Far Cry? That game that snuck out of nowhere, from relatively then-unknown developer Crytek? Way back in 2004?

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Featuring a game engine that did nothing to hint towards the power lurking behind its name -the Cry Engine. The game was indeed revolutionary for its time, featuring stunning visuals and an environment completely different from the chock-a-block alien/military shooters that are so prevalent in FPS games.

Today we take a look at how Far Cry stacks up to Crytek's upcoming Crysis -a game that has been heralded as the game to launch DX10 gaming into the mainstream and the subject of much hype -given its amazing set of trailers. Click on each individual image to see the full size one, and remember, this is modern day gaming beauty at its best. Enjoy.

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